The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach says Rip McIntosh has a right to publish what he wants.
Rip McIntosh resigned from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West following an investigation by TPM and The Informant.
State Sen. Wendy Rogers echoed white supremacist rhetoric when she tweeted: "We are being replaced and invaded."
PLUS: Constant Contact won't say whether it's investigating Rip McIntosh; and a deep look at Tucker Carlson's white grievance politics.
Thanks to your support, here’s what we accomplished in the past year of publishing The Informant.
Turning Point USA advisor Rip McIntosh remains unapologetic about the anti-Black screeds he has published.
The congressman has supported the Bundy clan, pushed antisemitic conspiracy theories, and spoken at an event organized by a white nationalist.
PLUS: George Floyd statue defaced by white nationalists; federal court hearing gets Zoombombed by racist trolls; journalist follows the trail of a neo-…
A former FBI special agent says Biden's strategy to fight domestic extremism has some problematic ideas that went badly when they were tried before.
PLUS: Man convicted of trying to firebomb Jewish nursing home; congressman snubs Capitol riot cop.
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