INTEL BRIEF: Arrested and unmasked

PLUS: Constant Contact won't say whether it's investigating Rip McIntosh; and a deep look at Tucker Carlson's white grievance politics.

ARRESTED AND UNMASKED… Two apparent members of the white nationalist group Patriot Front were arrested over the weekend in Salem, Massachusetts on suspicion of vandalizing a public transit station. The men, Kyle Morelli and Alex Beilman, both 27, had a court appearance on Tuesday, according to The Salem News. While the arrests and charges are minor, they effectively unmasked two members of a group that relies on anonymity. As David Neiwert of Daily Kos recently noted, Patriot Front has been engaging in a nationwide campaign of vandalism, targeting George Floyd statues and Black Lives Matter murals in multiple U.S. cities. The group’s founder, Thomas Ryan Rousseau, was arrested last year on a minor charge of criminal mischief for allegedly putting up Patriot Front stickers on public property.

THEIR OWN TERMS… After my report about Turning Point USA advisor Rip McIntosh was published on Monday, a few readers asked me whether his racist email newsletter broke the rules of the platform he uses to publish it. Constant Contact’s policies prohibit “blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred” and more. As I highlighted in my article, McIntosh has used Constant Contact to publish essays that are explicitly anti-Black, including one that said Black people have “become socially incompatible with other races.”

On Monday, I reached out to the company to see if they had any comment. In response, a spokesperson sent me this generic statement:

It is our policy at Constant Contact to not comment on the account standing of any of our customers. We take these matters seriously and have a team that thoroughly reviews individual cases when they are brought to our attention.

It’s unclear if the company investigated or took any action against McIntosh’s newsletter. The Florida man continued publishing emails on his Constant Contact newsletter through Wednesday but hadn’t published anything on Thursday. A message to McIntosh seeking comment on Thursday was not immediately returned.

MUST READ… The Washington Post came out with a big article on Wednesday about Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s history of white grievance politics. Carlson has helped mainstream a lot of extremist talking points this year from his perch as the most-watched cable TV news host in the U.S. The Post’s article shows that this is not a new turn for Carlson, even if he has accelerated his rhetoric.

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