Neo-Nazis got caught up in a case of mistaken identity in Michigan. Now the FBI is involved.
An Arizona man is accused of leaving a voicemail threatening to kill the lead prosecutor in President Trump's impeachment trial.
The FBI said Timothy Wilson planned to blow up a hospital in Missouri. Before that, he was active in online chats for two neo-Nazi groups.
The “Crying Nazi” goes on trial this week in federal court in New Hampshire in a case that no one saw coming. Including him.
It’s a busy week ahead for neo-Nazis and other extremists facing charges in federal courts across the nation. Here's what you need to know.
The gun-worshiping New Hampshire neo-Nazi podcaster was sentenced for trying to extort a rival.
Ryan Thorpe of the Winnipeg Free Press talks about his extraordinary experience going undercover in the neo-Nazi group and outing an army reservist as…
Robert Sterkeson unfurled a Nazi flag at a Bernie Sanders rally. Soon after that, his YouTube channel and website were taken offline.
Here's the evidence a federal court in Texas recently made public in the case against Atomwaffen Division member Aidan Bruce-Umbaugh.
The white nationalist attorney, who has described himself as an emperor, a prophet and a god, is scheduled for another bond hearing this week.
White nationalist leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau, 21, was arrested along with two other men on Saturday in Weatherford, Texas.
White nationalists now hate Christopher Cantwell. The problem is they’re all just like him.